1. Kite-Flying Gives a Lift to People of All Ages
  2. 97 Year-Old Yoga Teacher's Outlook on Life
  3. Good Breakfast Equals Good Grades
  4. Four of the Healthiest, Tastiest Spices
  5. Dealing with Back-to-School Stress
  6. Non-Traditional Treatment Helps People Breathe Easier
  7. Viruses May Help Cause Alzheimer's Disease
  8. New Exercise Trend Also Helps Environment
  9. Sleeping in Hot Rooms Bad for Brain
  10. Study Suggests Possible Bacteria Link to Nervousness, Depression
  11. One in Five Deaths Linked to Unhealthy Diet
  12. Cooking Classes Aim to Restore Health After Addiction
  13. Dealing with Back-to-School Stress Part 2
  14. Ways to Achieve Your Goals
  15. What a Couple's Arguing 'Style' May Say About Their Marriage
  16. Man's Life Saved When Tapeworm Removed from Brain
  17. Drowning Among Top Causes of Death in Children
  18. Go to the Doctor Before Running a Marathon
  19. Surgeons Can Make the Stomach Look Muscular
  20. Should Single Women Be Allowed to Freeze Their Eggs
  21. Negative Self-Talk Can Hurt Your Grades and Your Life
  22. Marie Kondo to Help People Get Organized
  23. Some Cancers May Result from Mixture of Harmless Chemicals
  24. We Learn Language in Pre-Human Area of Brain
  25. Soap Invented by Indian Women May Save Lives
  26. Men Who Share Housework Have More Sex
  27. Brain Remembers Language Better If You Sing It
  28. People Unsure About 'Virtual' Doctor Visits
  29. Strong Sense of Smell May Be Linked to Longer Life
  30. US Company Launches 'Zero-Waste' Shopping Model
  31. False Information on Web Must Be Stopped
  32. No Worry About Cancer From Cellphones
  33. Scientists Explain Why Drinkers Often Smoke
  34. Is Climate Change Making You Sneeze More
  35. Does City Living Hurt Mental Health
  36. 80,000 Flu Deaths Last Winter
  37. Benefits of Eating Together
  38. Too Much Screen Time Bad for Children
  39. Aspirin May Cut Cancer Deaths
  40. Plant Flowering Herbs
  41. One of the Healthiest Foods on the Planet
  42. Fasting May Help Your Brain
  43. Electric Shocks to the Brain May Help Older People's Memory
  44. Strong Relationships Equal Health, Happiness
  45. For a Longer Life, Go Running
  46. Getting Older Means Getting Happier
  47. Introvert or Extrovert. Which one are you
  48. Large Review of Coffee Studies Finds ... Not Much New
  49. Higher Flu Rates Reported Across the World
  50. Smartphone Use May Lead to Addiction, Loneliness, Depression
  51. Mushroom Hunting Gains Popularity in US
  52. Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch
  53. One Family's Efforts to Save Endangered Animals
  54. Are People Who Speak More Than One Language Smarter
  55. Olympic Athletes Concerned About Zika Virus
  56. Treatment Helps Body's Natural Defenses Fight Cancer
  57. The Power of Touch
  58. Ancient Bones Reveal Ancient Diet
  59. Screams Have Special Place in Brain
  60. Do You Think You Can
  61. More Older Americans Using Marijuana to Treat Pain
  62. Bubonic Plague Appeared Thousands of Years Earlier than Once Thought
  63. Breakfast Around the World
  64. The Ups and Downs of Coffee and Caffeine
  65. Warns Against Unnecessary Caesarean Sections
  66. Using Virtual Reality to Make Users Want to Exercise
  67. Doctors Treat Brain Cancer With Polio
  68. 42 Percent of Americans Say Teen Sex Is 'Morally Acceptable'
  69. Study Suggests Tick-Caused Meat Allergies Rising
  70. Physical Activity in Teens Linked to Mental Skills Late in Life
  71. Can We Reduce HIV Infections to Zero
  72. 'Smart' Thermometers Record Spread, Intensity of Influenza
  73. Your Body Posture Can Change Your Brain
  74. Wounded Veteran to Receive Penis Transplant
  75. What You Don't Know Can Kill You
  76. Coffee May Help You Live Longer
  77. How a Haircut Could Mean a Longer Life
  78. How Do You Save Unwanted Babies
  79. A Look Back on Health, Lifestyle in 2015
  80. Urgent Call to Stop the Spread of Zika Virus
  81. Slow and Gentle Are Best in Treating Hypothermia
  82. Are Your Emails Stressing You Out
  83. Mother's Milk Is Best for Smallest Humans
  84. New Blood Test Finds Deadly Skin Cancer
  85. How to Raise a Reader
  86. Technology Brings Change to Doctor's Visits
  87. Before You Marry
  88. Smoking Will Kill One in Three Young Men in China
  89. Researchers Find Clues that Depression May Speed Brain Aging
  90. What are the Healthiest Diets in the World
  91. Start Young, Sit Less
  92. Daily Aspirin May Do More Harm Than Good
  93. Is Zika Virus in Brazil Causing Brain Damage in Babies
  94. Progress Made Against Malaria at Risk
  95. Researchers Test for Cancer in a Person's Breath
  96. Swimming Is a Great All-body Workout
  97. Napping May Improve Learning, Memory
  98. Women Prefer to Go to Female Health Workers
  99. Can You Catch a Liar
  100. The Health Benefits of Seaweed
  101. Deadly Brain-Damaging Virus Outbreak in India
  102. Millions with Mental Health Issues Get Little or No Treatment
  103. New US Food Advice Not to Everyone's Taste
  104. Study Ties New Doctors to Jump in Hospital Deaths in July
  105. Healthy Children Not Growing Properly May Lack This
  106. Number of American Babies Born with Syphilis Rising
  107. Smoking Rates Around the World
  108. Some Men Are Helping Women Give Birth
  109. Group Uses Leftover Food to Feed the Hungry
  110. In Combating Obesity, a 12-year-old Leads by Example
  111. Young Women Lack Knowledge About Risks of Heart Disease
  112. Diet Containing Lots of Eggs May Be Linked to Heart Disease
  113. Signs You May Be Dehydrated
  114. Obama Seeks $1.8 Billion to Combat Zika
  115. Health Agreement Asks Chinese People to Help Strangers
  116. Helping Children Too Much Is Hurting Them
  117. Growing Minds Need Greener Spaces
  118. Too Many Cambodian Women Dying During Childbirth
  119. Iron, Vitamin D May Lead to Smarter, Healthier Children
  120. More Companies Want Employees to Work Less
  121. Low Levels of Vitamin D Might Hurt Brain
  122. Most Dangerous Place for Women
  123. Stem Cells Help Paralyzed Mice Walk
  124. Vacation Spots Offer 'Extras' For Disconnecting Phones
  125. The Iceman's Last Meal
  126. Breaking Blood-Brain Barrier to Treat Brain Diseases
  127. Could Vitamin C Help Fight Tuberculosis
  128. Where Is Road Safety the Best
  129. Why Doctors May Not Always Try to Save a Fingertip
  130. Too Much Internet May Be Bad for Teenagers
  131. Caring for an Aging Population
  132. WHO Says Alcohol Abuse a Leading Cause of Death, Disability
  133. White Women Are Dying Too Soon in America
  134. For Heart Health -- Seeing Is Believing
  135. Indian Scientists Invent Nose Filter to Protect Against Air Pollution
  136. Happy Heart Syndrome Affects Mostly Women
  137. Scientists Say New Diet May Save Planet
  138. One Billion Young People Risk Hearing Loss From Loud Music
  139. Hated CEO to Lower Price of Life-Saving Drug
  140. Banana Protein May Be Virus Killer
  141. Good, Bad of Cold-weather Workouts
  142. The World's Latest Healthiest Diet
  143. Salmonella Turned Into Cancer Killing Super Bug
  144. Polio Could Again Spread Worldwide
  145. Is Secondhand Smoke Child Abuse
  146. Malaria Drug May Not Help Children, Pregnant Women
  147. US Health Officials Zika “Scarier Than We Thought”
  148. Young Brains of Super-Agers
  149. Sweet Potatoes as Medicine
  150. WHO Calls Extreme Gaming a Mental Health 'Disorder'
  151. One Minute of Exercise May Be All You Need
  152. Breast Cancer Study Could Change How Early Growths Are Treated
  153. WHO Wants to Remove Trans Fats from Food
  154. Report Warns Against Selfies with Animals in Amazon
  155. Mosquito-Borne Viruses Spread Across the World
  156. The Health Benefits of Gardening
  157. New Definition of Alzheimer's Could Help Identify Disease Sooner
  158. Would Americans Let Edible Insects Come to Dinner
  159. Experts Climate Change is a Medical Emergency
  160. Bacon, Hot Dogs Can Cause Cancer
  161. Spanking Children Causes Long-term Harm
  162. Air Pollution Reduces Intelligence
  163. Doctors Operate on the Brain to Treat Drug Addiction
  164. Study Finds Some Brains Age Quicker Than Others
  165. Malawi Is First Country to Vaccinate Children against Malaria
  166. Change in Work Schedule Could Cure 'Social Jet Lag'
  167. Which Is Better for Your Career
  168. 'Face Blind' People Cannot Remember Faces
  169. Measles Progress At Risk Worldwide
  170. Not Enough Exercise Leads to Sickness
  171. The Next 'Wonder Drug' Is
  172. Worldwide Cancer Rates Rising
  173. Bad Marriage, Bad Health
  174. Highly Contagious Virus Sickens Million, Costs Billion
  175. This Superbug is Too Strong for Antibiotics
  176. Burned Firefighter Gets Historic Face Transplant
  177. Mentally Ill Indonesians 'Living in Hell'
  178. Powerful Magnets Can Relieve Depression
  179. UN Meeting Will Address World's Most Deadly Infectious Disease
  180. Substance in Toothpaste Could Fight Malaria
  181. US City Bans Sugary Drinks on Children's Menus
  182. Doctors Lack Many Ways to Treat Radiation Exposure
  183. MERS Cases Rising in South Korea
  184. 80 Percent of Urban Residents Breathe Unsafe Air
  185. Could Organizing Your Home Change Your Life
  186. Deaf-Blind Woman First to Use Braille Phone
  187. Most People with Hepatitis Don't Know It
  188. Camping Is Good for Your Brain
  189. Move to Limit Sales of E-Cigarettes
  190. Social Media Is Keeping Young Adults Awake
  191. A Lifetime of Exercise Slows Aging Process
  192. They're All in Your Brain
  193. Days of Painful Tooth Repair May Be Over
  194. Worry About Rise in Measles
  195. Healthcare Workers Contain Ebola Outbreak
  196. Prevention, Treatment Efforts Have 'Broken' the Direction of AIDS
  197. Fighting Obesity – A Long-term, Complex Problem
  198. Experimental Vaccine May Help Stop Spread of Ebola
  199. What Scientists Do and Do Not Know About Zika and Babies
  200. New Technology Provides Early Warning for Heart Attacks
  201. What Makes People Cooperate
  202. Training Medical Teams to Communicate Better During Operations
  203. From Couch Potato to Cabin Fever
  204. Zika Virus Detected in Body Fluids
  205. Highly Effective Ebola Vaccine Developed in Guinea
  206. WHO Declares Zika A Global Health Emergency
  207. Eat Nuts to Stay Healthy
  208. US Health Agency Wants to Measure Pain