In Susan and Harry's apartment in Soho, a neighborhood in Manhattan. Susan and Harry are looking at Michelle as she models her new clothes.
Michelle: I really like this one Susan. Do you?
Susan: Turn around, Michelle. Let me see the back of it. [Michelle turns around.] I like it a lot. It fits well. It doesn't need any alterations. We must've bought the right size.
Harry: I like the color. She looks good in blue.
Michelle: I like blue, too, Daddy.
Susan: Try on the shirt and blouse outfit. Michelle—the one that Daddy wanted you to wear.
Michelle: OK. [She leaves the room.]
Harry: Michelle has been a different kid since we've been married. She's never been happier.
Susan: And I've never been happier, Harry. [She kisses him.] I love her very much. She's been a joy.
Harry: We're very lucky, the three of us ... and becoming part of the Stewart family, too.
Susan: We couldn't ask for anything more, could we?
Harry: Well ... 
Susan: Well ... ? Could we ask for anything more?
Harry: Well ... we ... 
Michelle: [She enters the room in her new skirt and blouse.] How do you like it, Daddy?
Harry: It's my favorite outfit.
Susan: It's good for every day. It will be good for school, Michelle.
Michelle: I like it, too. I always like skirts that go like this. [She twirls around to show how the skirt moves.] Do you want to see the winter jacket on me, Susan?
Susan: Yes, I do. Change back into your jeans, and put on the new winter jacket we bought today.
Michelle: OK. [She leaves the room.]
Susan: [to Harry] What did you mean by "well ... ?" You had something on your mind when I said we couldn't ask for anything more.
Michelle: [She enters.] Is everything all right?
Harry: Everything is fine, Michelle.
Susan: Let's take a look at the winter jacket. Come on over here, honey.
Michelle: It's kind of warm.
Susan: It is. That's why we bought it for you. This will be a perfect jacket for the wintertime when it's very cold out. But it's kind of small also. We must've bought the wrong size.
Harry: Looks like we should've bought a bigger one. I guess we'll have to exchange it, too. I'm sure the store has others.
Michelle: I look silly! It is too small!
Susan: You're growing so fast, Michelle.
Michelle: Can I take it off? I'm hot!
Susan: Sure. Put it back in your room, and we'll hang everything up later. [Michelle leaves the room.]
Susan: [to Harry] Well, are you going to tell me what's on your mind, Harry?
Harry: I have been offered a job with a major accounting company in Los Angeles. [repeating] I have been offered a job with a major accounting company in Los Angeles.
Susan: Los Angeles? That's a big decision.
Harry: I know. It will also affect you and your job, if we decide to go.
Susan: Wow! It sure will. But first tell me about the job, Harry. If it's a good one, then we'll make it work for us.
Harry: I have a client in the garment business, on Seventh Avenue. I do his taxes every year. He has a big sales office in Los Angeles, and the company in Los Angeles that does his major accounting work is looking for an executive. And he recommended me.
Susan: That's wonderful, Harry.
Harry: Yes, but it would mean that we'd have to move to L.A.
Susan: What about the salary?
Harry: The real discussion comes tomorrow. Susan, I don't plan to make any decisions until I have a chance to talk with you about it.
Susan: I understand, Harry.
Harry: And I don't have to make a quick decision. They know that I'm married and that I have a family.
Susan: Well, there's a lot of think about. If it's a good job, then I've got to do some thinking about my career opportunities in Los Angeles.
Michelle: [She enters again.] Is everything OK?
Susan: Yes, honey.