Richard is outside Lincoln Center in Manhattan. He is photographing street performers. A little later. Marilyn arrives to have lunch with Richard.
Richard: [to Marilyn] Two weeks. I said I could do it in two weeks, and I did it.
Marilyn: The pictures you've taken are fabulous, Richard. Mr. Carlson will love them.
Richard: Monday morning. I'm going to show him the photos on Monday morning. I can't wait!
Marilyn: I'm very proud of you. You really did a beautiful job. I know he will love the new photographs for your book.
Richard: Yeah. I really did do a good job, didn't I? Hey, you know? There's still some film left on this roll, and there's one person I haven't photographed in a long time.
Marilyn: Who?
Richard: You. [He starts to photograph her.]
Marilyn: Richard! I haven't brushed my hair. [She runs away from him.]
Richard: You look great! [He runs after her and continues to take pictures of her.]
Marilyn: It's not fair, Richard. I'm not even ready.
Richard: Oh, that's wonderful! That's wonderful!
In Mr. Carlson's office two weeks later. Carlson is looking at Richard's photographs of street performers.
Carlson: Wonderful!
Richard: Thanks.
Carlson: Fabulous!
Richard: Thanks.
Carlson: Terrific!
Richard: Thanks.
Carlson: They get better and better.
Richard: Thanks a lot.
Carlson: This is sensational!
Richard: Yeah. Thanks.
Carlson: What a job! Good work, Richard!
Richard: I'm so glad you like them so much.
Carlson: Like them? They represent your best work.
Richard: Really?
Carlson: Absolutely.
Richard: Well ... what do you think? Do I have my book?
Carlson: You do. You do. There's a book here. I'll have a contract and an advance payment waiting for you first thing in the morning.
Richard: Thank you.
Carlson: And while you're here, I would like to introduce you to your editor. And I want you to meet the people in the art department. I'll set up an appointment with the marketing people.
Richard: When do you think we'll be through?
Carlson: In about half an hour. Why?
Richard: I can't wait to tell Marilyn!