On Pete Waters' farm. Grandpa looks around while he waits for Pete to return. A little later. A car arrives. Two people get out of the car to greet Grandpa.
Arnold: [to Grandpa] Don't tell me. Please don't tell me. I recognize you ... 
Peggy: Oh, don't be silly, Arnie. Of course you recognize him. Except for the beard, he hasn't changed in fifty years. It's Malcolm Stewart!
Arnold: I know it's Malcolm Stewart. You haven't changed much in fifty years.
Grandpa: Peggy—Peggy Pendleton! You're Peggy Pendleton!
Arnold: Who am I, you old rascal? You don't recognize me, do you?
Grandpa: I know who you are. You're Arnold Franklin! I know who you are!
Peggy: You look wonderful, Malcolm!
Grandpa: [He walks with them to an outdoor table.] Sit down. Sit down. Pete isn't home.
Arnold: Really?
Grandpa: No. He left a note on the door saying he was going to the railroad station to pick up a surprise.
Peggy: He's so funny. Always full of surprises, even fifty years later.
Grandpa: The two of you look unbelievable!
Arnold: How's your family? Oh, I was sorry to hear about your wife having passed away.
Grandpa: Yes. About four years ago.
Peggy: And you're living with your children now? In New York? Pete wrote us and told us.
Grandpa: Yup. Retired and moved to New York to live with my son and his family.
Peggy: By the way, what do you think this big surprise is?
Arnold: It could be most anything, knowing Pete. [Another car arrives.]
Grandpa: Hey, that must be Pete! Now we'll find out about the surprise. [They go to meet the car.]
Pete: So good to see you all!
Peggy: Oh, Pete, Pete! Oh, it's so good to see you! [They all greet one another.]
Pete: Remember Lillian?
Lillian: I remember all of you. You haven't changed a bit.
Peggy: Lillian! Oh, my gosh!
Arnold: Lillian Winters. We were together in the Thursday night drama society.
Lillian: Remember me, Malcolm?
Grandpa: Oh, beautiful as ever, Lillian. How's Donald? [He suddenly realizes that he said the wrong thing.]
Lillian: That's OK, Malcolm. Donald passed away a couple of years ago.
Arnold: Sorry to hear that, Lillian.
Peggy: Oh, I'm so sorry.
Arnold: I would not have missed this get-together for the world!
Grandpa: And your little surprise, Pete? You really surprised me by having us all come together.
Pete: You don't know what the surprise is yet? Come on! We'll tell you the big surprise. [They walk back to the table with Pete. Pete pours iced tea for them.]
Pete: I've invited you here for the weekend to help celebrate.
Peggy: Celebrate?
Grandpa: Our fiftieth reunion?
Arnold: No.
Lillian: No. Pete wants to tell you ... 
Pete: Now, let me have the honor, Lillian.
Grandpa: For goodness' sake, Pete, tell us! I can't wait much longer.
Pete: Well, I am pouring this iced tea so that we can toast Lillian—and me.
Peggy: You don't mean to tell me that you and ... 
Pete: Yes, I do. I have loved Lillian all these years, so I asked her to be Mrs. Pete Waters.
Lillian: And I said yes.
Grandpa: I knew it! I knew it! Congratulations!
Peggy: Oh, Lillian, I am so happy for you both.
Arnold: It's wonderful!
Pete: It's wonderful for me. Lillian will make me a happy man—finally.
Grandpa: You are full of surprises, Pete.
Pete: We are going to spend the entire weekend having a good time together here on the farm. We are going to celebrate all weekend.
Peggy: When is the wedding?
Pete: That's another surprise. Lillian and I were married two weeks ago in Detroit. She's come here to stay.
Grandpa: Wait till I tell my family about this!
Peggy: [to Lillian] Why, that's wonderful! [They all congratulate Lillian and Pete.]