In a real-estate office in Riverdale. Marilyn and her husband Richard are speaking about homes with Virginia Martinelli, a real-estate agent.
Virginia: I remember your parents' first house very well. It was on Spring Avenue, near the park.
Richard: I grew up in that house.
Virginia: Yes, and you were such a cute baby.
Marilyn: I've seen pictures of him. He had blond hair.
Virginia: I've been friendly with the Stewart family for a long time, so it's my pleasure to help you find a house now.
Richard: Well, we're not sure we can afford one.
Marilyn: But we'd like to find out about the possibilities.
Virginia: That's a good idea. I love your house on Linden Street. I sold your father that house seventeen years ago.
Marilyn: Really?
Richard: Yes, Mom was pregnant with Robbie then, and they needed the extra room.
Virginia: I hear you're expecting a baby, Mrs. Stewart.
Marilyn: Mmm-hmm. So we will be needing more room.
Virginia: Oh, so you don't need something immediately?
Richard: No. But in five or six months ... 
Marilyn: And time passes so quickly.
Virginia: Yes, it does. Well, when you called, you gave enough information about your salaries and your savings. So I have a good idea about your financial situation. Let me show you some pictures of houses.
Marilyn: With two bedrooms?
Virginia: Yes, I think I can show you some. Of course, they won't be in Riverdale. The cost of housing's too high for you here.
Richard: I haven't thought about living anywhere else. We've always lived in this area.
Marilyn: Where should we look for a house, Mrs. Martinelli?
Virginia: Well, we have an office in Mount Kisco. It's a lovely area, and it's only about an hour's drive from here. [She takes out a book of photos.] Here. I have a book with photos of some homes in that area. Now, let's see. Here. This is a lovely two-bedroom house in your price range.
Marilyn: It's pretty, but I prefer a two-story home.
Richard: I do, too. I don't care for a ranch type.
Virginia: OK. [She turns the pages of the real-estate book.] Oh, this is a wonderful house. I know it well. I sold it to the present owners.
Richard: It looks wonderful.
Virginia: This is a two-bedroom, two-bath house. It has a full basement, and it is on a half-acre lot. You can probably afford this one.
Marilyn: I like this house.
Richard: So do I.
Virginia: And the price is right. Would you like to go see it?
Richard: Yes. We're planning to talk to someone at the bank next week. Perhaps we could see the house this weekend.
Virginia: If someone doesn't buy it before then. But let's keep looking. Just to get an idea of some other possibilities.
Richard: This is very helpful, Mrs. Martinelli.
Virginia: Here. This is a wonderful example of Spanish-style architecture.
Richard: Oh, I love the roof tiles on a Spanish-style house.
Marilyn: It looks like the houses in Hollywood.
Virginia: It's interesting. A house like this in Riverdale costs double the price. [She turns the pages of the book.] Oh my! Here's a real buy. It's a bargain. This house just came on the market.
Marilyn: It's quite lovely. Is it a two-bedroom house?
Virginia: No. It has three bedrooms and three baths. I know the house. It has a brand-new kitchen. And a living room with a twelve-foot ceiling. And there's a two-car garage.
Richard: Then why don't we go look at this house, too?
Virginia: It's a good investment.
Richard: Thank you, Mrs. Martinelli.
Marilyn: Thanks so much.
Virginia: My pleasure. Give my best to your parents. [Richard and Marilyn get up to leave.]
Virginia: Your father's a wonderful doctor, Richard. He took care of my daughter when she was a child. He's the best pediatrician in Westchester.
Richard: Thanks, Mrs. Martinelli, I'll give them your regards.
Marilyn: We really appreciate your advice.
Virginia: I do think you should go see the houses and talk to the bank. Here. Let me give you some information sheets about the houses. They're both very good buys.
Richard: Well, thanks so much for your help and your time, Mrs. Martinelli. [to Marilyn] We've got a lot to talk about.
Marilyn: Mmm-hmm. Thanks.