In the living room of the Stewarts' home in Riverdale. Marilyn is designing a dress. She stops for a while to talk to her mother-in-law.
Marilyn: Ellen, I'd like your opinion.
Ellen: About what?
Marilyn: Well, Richard and I feel that with a baby coming we need to have our own place to live.
Ellen: Oh.
Marilyn: Well, what do you think about Richard and me looking for a small house or an apartment at this point in our lives?
Ellen: We love having you here, and there is room and ... and when the baby comes, the baby can stay in your room for a while.
Marilyn: Richard feels we need to find a small house.
Ellen: I remember when I was pregnant with Richard. Philip and I were living with Grandma and Grandpa. Philip was a young doctor, and he kept talking about having a house of our own. It's natural.
Marilyn: What did you do?
Ellen: We looked at a lot of houses.
Marilyn: Did you find one?
Ellen: Oh, not at first. We couldn't afford it. Grandpa wanted to lend us the money to buy one, but Philip is too independent. He didn't want to borrow any money.
Marilyn: Sounds like Richard.
Ellen: They're all alike. Richard is a real Stewart. He's independent, and sometimes just stubborn.
Marilyn: When did you buy a house?
Ellen: After Richard was born. I was teaching music, and Philip was opening his first medical office.
Marilyn: Where was the house?
Ellen: Right here in Riverdale. Of course, it was a small house, but just right for us.
Marilyn: It's funny. History repeats itself. Now Richard and I are having a baby, and we probably won't be able to afford a house right away, either.
Ellen: Why don't you look at some houses, Marilyn?
Marilyn: Good idea.
Ellen: Look in the real-estate section of Sunday's Times. You'll learn a lot.
Marilyn: Maybe we should speak to a real-estate agent about a house.
Ellen: And a bank about a mortgage.
Marilyn: I'll talk to Richard about it. I think it's a good idea, Ellen. We can learn a lot by asking.
Ellen: And if I can be of any help, let me know. As a matter of fact, my friend Virginia Martinelli is a real-estate agent.
Marilyn: Good.
Ellen: You won't believe this, but she sold us our first house and this one.
Marilyn: Well, I'll tell Richard, and we'll go to see her. [She looks at the dress she is designing.] Do you think the skirt length is right, Ellen? Do you think it's too long?
Ellen: I think the skirt is just right. Are you planning to attach a train to it?
Marilyn: No. No train. Just the dress. But I am going to make a headpiece of lace.
Ellen: That dress is gorgeous.
Marilyn: Thanks, Ellen. And thanks for the advice about the house. I'll talk to Richard about it the minute he comes home.
Ellen: And remember, we love having you here. There's no need to rush. [They hug.]