At the South Street Seaport a little later. Susan, Harry, and Michelle are sightseeing.
Susan: [She looks at her watch.] Oh, it's a quarter to four, and I have a production meeting at four.
Harry: I planned to take you for a ride in Central Park in a horse and carriage.
Susan: Harry, I'd love to, but I have work to do.
Harry: OK. We'll walk back to your office with you. It's so nice out. I decided to forget about my accounting problems and just enjoy this beautiful spring day. Take the time, Susan.
Susan: I know I should, but ... well, there are too many things to do.
Harry: I understand. I'll go for a ride with Michelle.
Susan: Right. Well, I had a really nice time.
Harry: So did I.
Michelle: So did I. I'm sorry you can't come with us, Susan.
Susan: So am I.
Harry: Bye-bye. [He and Michelle start to leave.]
Susan: Harry! Michelle! Can you wait till I make a phone call?
Harry: Sure. [Susan calls her office from a pay phone.]
Sam: Susan Stewart's office.
Susan: Sam, this is Susan.
Sam: Hi. How was lunch?
Susan: Fine.
Sam: You're late. The production department's waiting in the conference room.
Susan: I know. Ask Paul Smith to fill in for me. He knows everything about the production schedule, and he can answer any questions.
Sam: Right.
Susan: Don't tell anyone, but I'm taking a little time to smell the flowers.
Sam: Good for you. It'll be our secret.
Susan: But schedule another production meeting for tomorrow. I'll be back for my six o'clock appointment with Mr. Ozawa.
Sam: OK, Susan. And have a nice afternoon.
Susan: Thanks. [She hangs up the phone and joins Harry and Michelle. They get into a taxicab.]
Later, in Central Park. Harry, Susan, and Michelle are riding in a carriage.
Harry: She likes you.
Susan: I know. I like her.
Harry: How'd you do it?
Susan: We had a talk.
Harry: About what?
Susan: Life.
Harry: And what did you decide?
Susan: That's a secret ... between us women. [The carriage continues to ride through Central Park.]