In the Stewarts' house early Saturday morning. Grandpa is making breakfast as Robbie enters.
Robbie: Hi, Grandpa.
Grandpa: Hi, Robbie.
Robbie: Can I help?
Grandpa: Yes, indeed. Hand me two eggs from the refrigerator, and I'll make you two fried eggs.
Robbie: How about some bacon?
Grandpa: I made enough for an army. You going to the baseball game today? It's a perfect day for it—a little cloudy but nice and warm.
Robbie: Dad and I were planning to go to the game, but he has to work today, and my friends don't want to go. It's not an important game, anyway.
Grandpa: Do you have any other plans for the day?
Robbie: I'll work on my computer. I have a new math program, and I want to learn how to use it.
Grandpa: Maybe you can teach me how to work on a computer someday.
Robbie: Anytime. It's really easy, but, like anything, you need to work at it, Grandpa. [They begin to eat breakfast.]
Robbie: [eating] This bacon is great. I love crispy bacon.
Grandpa: Oh, what are you doing tomorrow?
Robbie: Nothing much.
Grandpa: Well, maybe your dad and I could take you fishing with us.
Robbie: I'd like that, but ... 
Grandpa: But what?
Robbie: But Dad is always so busy.
Grandpa: Well, can you come fishing with me tomorrow?
Robbie: Sure, I can.
Later that morning. Philip is eating breakfast quickly. He is speaking with Grandpa.
Grandpa: Robbie says you can't take him to the game today.
Philip: I really feel bad about it, but they need me at the hospital today, in the children's ward.
Grandpa: I understand.
Philip: Maybe we can spend some time together next weekend.
Grandpa: Definitely. We should. You and Robbie and me. Remember our first fishing trip?
Philip: I sure do ... Well, I've got to run, Dad. See you later. [He leaves.]
On the patio later that day. Grandpa is looking at some fishing gear, things he will need for catching fish. Philip enters.
Philip: Going fishing?
Grandpa: I'm thinking about it. ... So, how's work?
Philip: Oh, the usual problems.
Grandpa: You're working pretty hard these days.
Philip: I guess I am.
Grandpa: When did you last go fishing with Robbie?
Philip: I remember exactly. It was on his birthday, June second, two years ago. [He laughs.] We didn't catch anything.
Grandpa: Remember our fishing trips?
Philip: Yes. I loved them.
Grandpa: Remember catching your first fish?
Philip: How can I forget? I fell out of the boat! We had some good times together.
Grandpa: Yes, we did. Maybe we should do it again.
Philip: How about tomorrow?
Grandpa: Don't you have to work?
Philip: My paper work will wait.
Grandpa: Oh, Robbie will be thrilled. I am, too, son.
Philip: I want to spend more time with Robbie.
Grandpa: Tomorrow. It'll be like old times for you and me. And Robbie will love it.
Philip: Well, what's the weather going to be like?
Grandpa: Radio says sunny and mild.
Philip: Well, I'll tell Robbie. And thanks, Dad.
Grandpa: Don't thank me. I'm just being a grandfather.