Outside, on a busy street in Riverdale. Inside, the Davis Aerobics Center for Good Health. Jack Davis is taking Richard's blood pressure.
Jack: OK, Richard. That's terrific. Your pressure is 120 over 75, and that's fine. Now stand up, please. [Richard stands up, and Jack takes his blood pressure again.] Good, it's 122 over 80. You can sit down now. When was your last complete physical?
Richard: [He thinks.] Six months ago.
Jack: Good. Do you have any back or knee problems?
Richard: Nope. I am in perfect health.
Jack: What do you do for a living, Mr. Stewart?
Richard: I'm a photographer.
Jack: Interesting. What do you photograph?
Richard: Everything. The American scene. People, places, events.
Jack: Did you ever think of photographing an aerobics class?
Richard: No. ... I can't remember taking pictures of people exercising.
Jack: But don't you think it'd be a good subject?
Richard: Sure.
Jack: I need some good photos for my advertising, Mr. Stewart. Maybe you can photograph a class, and I can give you and Mrs. Stewart a month of classes—free.
Richard: When can I photograph a class?
Jack: Anytime.
Richard: How about today?
Jack: Terrific!
In the exercise classroom at the Davis Aerobics Center. Jack Davis and another instructor are about to teach a class. Richard is taking many photographs.
Jack: [He enters.] Hi.
Instructor: Oh, hi.
Jack: Are we ready to go?
Instructor: Yeah. Yeah. [to students] Let's get in our lines. We're going to take it slow first. Stretch up ... and we're going to go left first ... 2, 3, 4 ... now switch. ... OK, hold to the right. Sunrises. Stretch it out. Flat back. Bring it up ... and twists ... and side ... 2, 3 ... and left ... push ... push ... turn ... hit the floor. Take it side again. ... OK, and switch. Stretch it out. And we're going to warm down with a tango. Left, right. Enjoy it.
In Richard and Marilyn's room later that day. Marilyn is alone, waiting for Richard. She is folding some towels. Richard sings and dances into the room.
Marilyn: Richard, did you go to the Davis Aerobics class today?
Richard: [He takes off his camera and film bags and dances around the room.] Yes, I went to the aerobics class today.
Marilyn: What is wrong with you?
Richard: Nothing. I am in excellent health. [He starts dancing with Marilyn.] I have ideal blood pressure. A perfect heart. In others words, I'm in wonderful condition.
Marilyn: Richard, did you go to the aerobics class, really?
Richard: Don't forget to invite Susan for dinner.
Marilyn: [not paying attention] And your legs don't hurt?
Richard: [He jumps up and down.] Hurt? What do you mean?
Marilyn: What about your arms? Lift your arms up like this. [She lifts up her arms to show him, and he lifts his arms.] And they don't hurt—not even a little?
Richard: Nope.
Marilyn: You are in great condition. I can't believe it!