On the Amtrak train later that day. The train is arriving in New York City.
Voice: Ladies and gentlemen, Amtrak is happy to announce our arrival in New York City. The train will be stopping in five minutes. Please check to be sure you have your belongings. And have a good stay in the Big Apple. Thank you.
Elsa: Well, here we are. It was so nice meeting you, Mr. Stewart.
Grandpa: And nice meeting you, too, Mrs. Tobin. Please look us up. We're in the phone book. Dr. Philip Stewart, in Riverdale.
Elsa: Your son?
Grandpa: That's right. And have a good time in New York.
Elsa: And don't be so independent. You're very lucky to have a caring family. [Grandpa nods his head.]
In the Stewarts' living room that evening. The family is speaking with Grandpa after his long trip.
Robbie: When can we go fishing?
Grandpa: Robbie, we'll go fishing soon, and we'll take your dad with us.
Philip: I'm ready, Grandpa. You name the day.
Ellen: That's a great idea, Grandpa! Philip needs a day off.
Robbie: [to Richard] Let's give him our presents—now.
Richard: Good idea.
Grandpa: Present—for me?
Richard: [He gives his present to Grandpa.] From me and Marilyn.
Robbie: And this one's from me. I looked all over the house to find it.
Grandpa: [He unwraps the presents. They contain photographs of him with the family.] Richard, these are terrific pictures. This one really brings back memories. You remember that day, Robbie?
Robbie: I sure do. It was fun.
Grandpa: [He looks at a photo of himself and Susan.] Oh, I'm sorry Susan isn't here. I miss her very much.
Ellen: She feels bad, too, Grandpa. She called to say the plane was delayed. You know airports.
Grandpa: I can't wait to see her. She looks just like Grandma at that age. I'd better unpack. I started traveling twenty-four hours ago. [He gets up.] I'm not so young anymore.
Ellen: Don't you want something to eat?
Grandpa: No, thanks. After a good night's sleep, I'll enjoy breakfast even more.
Philip: Well, come on, Dad. Ellen and I'll take you to your room.
Robbie: I'm sure glad you're here, Grandpa.
Richard: Good night, Grandpa.
Marilyn: Pleasant dreams. [The family leaves the living room. Ellen, Philip, and Grandpa go upstairs to Grandpa's room.]
Grandpa: Philip, do you have the key to the trunk?
Philip: I have the key, but it doesn't work. [He gives the key to Grandpa.]
Grandpa: [He tries the key, but it doesn't unlock the trunk.] I sent the wrong key. [He then finds the right key in his pocket and unlocks the trunk.] I have something for you. I made it myself. I think you'll enjoy it. [He takes something from the trunk and gives it to Philip.] I researched it for over a year. It's our family tree.
Ellen: [She looks at it.] Oh, Grandpa! How exciting!
Philip: Fabulous! Why, I didn't know that your grandfather was born in Germany.
Grandpa: Lots of interesting information about our family. A gift from me.
Ellen: Thank you so much. [She hugs Grandpa.]
Susan: [She rushes into the room.] Grandpa! Grandpa! Oh, Grandpa, I'm so happy to see you! [She hugs Grandpa.]
Grandpa: [He looks at her.] Oh, you look so beautiful, Susan. My granddaughter. Like I always said, you look just like Grandma.
Philip: [to Grandpa] I think you're going to be very happy here with us.
Ellen: I know you will.
Grandpa: I don't feel alone anymore.