Introduction: How This Book Came to Be

chapter one Childhood: Abandoned and Chosen

chapter two Odd Couple: The Two Steves

chapter three The Dropout: Turn On, Tune In ...

chapter four Atari and India: Zen and the Art of Game Design

chapter five The Apple I: Turn On, Boot Up, Jack In ...

chapter six The Apple II: Dawn of a New Age

chapter seven Chrisann and Lisa: He Who Is Abandoned ...

chapter eight Xerox and Lisa: Graphical User Interfaces

chapter nine Going Public: A Man of Wealth and Fame

chapter ten The Mac Is Born: You Say You Want a Revolution

chapter eleven The Reality Distortion Field: Playing by His Own Set of Rules

chapter twelve The Design: Real Artists Simplify

chapter thirteen Building the Mac: The Journey Is the Reward

chapter fourteen Enter Sculley: The Pepsi Challenge

chapter fifteen The Launch: A Dent in the Universe

chapter sixteen Gates and Jobs: When Orbits Intersect

chapter seventeen Icarus: What Goes Up ...

chapter eighteen NeXT: Prometheus Unbound

chapter nineteen Pixar: Technology Meets Art

chapter twenty A Regular Guy: Love Is Just a Four-Letter Word

chapter twenty-one Family Man: At Home with the Jobs Clan

chapter twenty-two Toy Story: Buzz and Woody to the Rescue

chapter twenty-three The Second Coming: What Rough Beast, Its Hour Come Round at Last ...

chapter twenty-four The Restoration: The Loser Now Will Be Later to Win

chapter twenty-five Think Different: Jobs as iCEO

chapter twenty-six Design Principles: The Studio of Jobs and Ive

chapter twenty-seven The iMac: Hello (Again)

chapter twenty-eight CEO: Still Crazy after All These Years

chapter twenty-nine Apple Stores: Genius Bars and Siena Sandstone

chapter thirty The Digital Hub: From iTunes to the iPod

chapter thirty-one The iTunes Store: I'm the Pied Piper

chapter thirty-two Music Man: The Sound Track of His Life

chapter thirty-three Pixar's Friends: ... and Foes

chapter thirty-four Twenty-first-century Macs: Setting Apple Apart

chapter thirty-five Round One: Memento Mori

chapter thirty-six The iPhone: Three Revolutionary Products in One

chapter thirty-seven Round Two: The Cancer Recurs

chapter thirty-eight The iPad: Into the Post-PC Era

chapter thirty-nine New Battles: And Echoes of Old Ones

chapter forty To Infinity: The Cloud, the Spaceship, and Beyond

chapter forty-one Round Three: The Twilight Struggle

chapter forty-two Legacy: The Brightest Heaven of Invention